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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 16, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> megyn: thanks, greta. bret? >> bret: tweets out there, thought there were more blue signs. it's about split down the middle. let's go to syndicated columnist charles krauthammer in washington. your thoughts on tonight's debate? >> at one point i thought they would use their mikes as weapons, and it would turn into the taiwanese parliament where you get fantastic fistfights. look, this was a tough fight. i think romney did about as well
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as he did last time around. he made his point. obama clearly had a good night, a much better night than the first night. you know, woody allen said showing up is 80% of life. he was at the 80%. i think on points, if you were scoring it's on points, obama wins on points. and he made a lot of counter punches. a lot of accusations. he managed to get under romney's skin a little bit by referring to his wealth. he made $20 million a year trying to make $1 million by taxes but it's a way to say you're a rich guy. how will you understand the ordinary guy? i thought there is a point where romney did really well. and all of us agree that was on the issue on the failure of this administration. when romney went large, it did well. when he went small, i think obama got the better of him. there is one critical issue in this debate.
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the libya question. obama was at sea. he was asked about the security in libya, and benghazi. he didn't try to answer because he had no answer. instead he went on about how we're going to catch these guys. romney, i think had a huge opening. obama ended by saying i'm offended by implication we'd mislead. the rhetoric was mislead? you sent out your un ambassador to mislead america on five television shows in one morning. implying it's about a video talking about a riot. there was none. there wasn't a video in this issue in benghazi. and then, there was one tactical error romney made which was he kept asking the president questions every lawyer knows you never ask a question for which you don't already have the answer in already have the answer in hand. that gave obama a chance to
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counterpunch. we've got candy crowley's intervention, which is essentially incorrect, supportings obama on the transcript. he did not call it's a terror incident. there was a big opening that was missed. i think it was contaminated by the actions of the moderator. but again, on the big issue, on the big issue, i think romney could have scored he missed an opportunity that. is probably why, i think on points, obama came out ahead. >> charles, we've talked about libya quite a bit on special report. the president said tonight as soon as he heard that the benghazi consulate was attacked he was on the phone with his national security team telling them that-to-find out how it happened, and make sure that security was tight. and to get to the bottom of it. now, we hear intelligence, weeks later, they're saying was wrong. and that they blamed this anti-islam video the president saying it six times at the united nations. does that answer square and will the fallout from that be
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a problem for this white house? >> i think it will be a problem for the white house. they've told untruths, fiction. the president perpetrated them on letterman. he spoke about libya in the libya in the context of the video when everybody knew it was not an issue at the time. so i think on the facts, on explaining libya, yes, it's going do be a huge problem, but it will be a huge problem in a few days. few days. right now in the context of the debate i think he got away with it because there was no actual response at the time on the stage. when you had moderator meeting in behalf of obama that, i think swung it in a way that was incorrect and unfair. >> bret: charles, thank you. >> pleasure. >> fox news teamed up with good folks at twitter to find out what you had to say about the debate. keeping tax on when the discussion on teenage triggered a big discussion on line.
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tonight's debate generated lots of conversation over the last 90 minutes. here are the three moments that peaked tonight. first at 9:57 p.m., a question on immigration got the most tweets of the night, reaching nearly 110,000 in one minute. second getting tough on china pulled in 108,000 tweets. third, early on in the night, governor romney responding to a question about his tax plan generated 107,000 tweets. some of the hottest topics trending tonight, on the left the total volume of tweets throughout the entire debate, that number reaching 7.2 million tweets. of those four topics jumped first the economy with 29%, taxes was second at 18%, third was foreign policy with 16%, and finally energy and the environment with 12%. overall a big night in the online world. but the first presidential debate than still holds the record for most tweeted political event in history. you can still follow me and bret
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bret. when we come back, a final thought on the night. on the night.
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around the country, around the corner. us bank. >> bret: welcome back to hoff tra. we're here in the spin room. things are still spinning hipd us. final thoughts of the night from joe and brit. joe, first you. >> i think they both did well. i think obama showed up and i don't think it's going to change dynamics of the race too much. >> i agree. i think debates can be fun to watch. but end up to the audience
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being kind of confusing. i won't be surprised if the debate commission reconsiders this format this town hall format the next time around. >> and this is interesting to watch that. is it for us here in new york. you can tune in on monday for next debate between president obama and governor romney in boca raton, florida. >> more coming up on fox news channel. "hannity" is next followed" on the record". good night, everyone. >> welcome to hannity. this is one of the entertaining debates so far this season. there is full coverage throughout the evening. one of the things we're going to do is fact check how the president lied about the issue
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of benghazi and oil, drilling etc.. but first we check in with frank luntz with a group of undecided voters, focus group voters. >> i'm in encore theater and something remarkable happened tonight. let's get a wide shot of the group. nevada seeing more campaign ads than any other state. how many people voted for barack obama in 2008? a lot of people. how many of you staying with barack obama in 2012? how much of you switched? now supporting mitt romney in 2012? we had a change here. i want to know a phrase to describe mitt romney's performance. >> forceful, presidential. >> confident, realistic. >> presidential. >> presidential, enthusiastic.
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>> our next president. >> winner. >> steady and articulate. >> vicky you voted for obama in 2008. >> yes. >> what is it about? >> he seems on defensive, always ready to get a debate issue or not stay on track. >> you voted for obama? >> yes. >> and he didn't deliver. he didn't explain anything. he didn't show what he can do in the future. >> what is this issue? >> he just attacks and that is no way to win a president. >> what i was saying undecided. i was not undecided between obama and romney. unfortunately, quite a number of people i know are in that category. i was favorably impressed.
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>> with mitt romney? >> yes. >> because? >> because i heard what i wanted to hear. i heard you're going to take away taxes on investment income. >> i want to know one thing, how did ruth investigator ginzberg get into my picture. >> and i liked hearing we don't have to settle. >> i think barack obama had a chance to end more of his heart, who he s he missed it. didn't answer the question. >> and there is president on the defense all night long. >> i want to -- . >> it's been lied about everything. he lied to get elected in 2008 that. is why i voted for him. and he's lied about everything. and he's been bulling the public. >> sean, i apologize. i want to defend barack obama. >> he supports womens' rights,
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i'm concerned about them being stripped away. we fought hard to get them. i don't want to go backwards. barack obama support's women rice. >> women are a huge part of the country. we're the bred winners in a lot of homes. we can't have a slick guy coming in to office who... based on his beliefs doesn't believe women should work outside of the home. >> is romney slick? >> no. >> is romney antiwoman? >> no. >> final comment right there? >> i can't think of any time i've seen mitt romney say... we're going back to stone ages. and i don't know where this came from. >> did romney win your vote today? >> he with did. yes. >> sean this, is as significant as what we had in denver 10 days ago.
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this group really swung. we'll find out what moved them. back to you. >> we're going to check in with frank luntz. great job. we're going to check back with him with this focus group. joining me now in the spin room, romney campaign senior advisor is here with us. >> sean, thank you for having me. >> we've got videotape we're going to show that proves the president lied and got that wrong. i would say this is a single, mitt romney went through the single best prosecution of how bad last four years was. he talked about cost of health kairks mid heel class he said krushd under this president. we don't have to live this way. there is one in six americans in poverty. 3 to, 47 million the rise in food stamps. and policies we tried them, they did not work. last four years have into the been good. he didn't reform social security. keep promise on medicare,
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immigration. i mean he went point by point. and he stayed on it throughout the debate. >> this is a fact-based critique on failure of the president's policies how they're crushing the middle class. falling wages. hard to find work. rising gas prices. rising food prices and middle class families caught in that crunch. and importantly the governor laid out a plan for changing that and a positive vision for moving this country forward for 12 million new jobs to get to us a balanced budget to unleash energy in this country. to expand trade. >> that point. the president what he said is that they increase production since he's been president on private land. chris wallace just fact checked it. governor romney was right, the president inaccurate. >> he reduced leasing on federal land and stopped us from drilling off the coast of va vachl a moratorium in the gulf of mexico. he has not approved and
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stopped the key stone exxon pipeline from being felt. >> there were moments saying $5 trillion in did he have sits. that don't add up. $16 trillion national debt. a road to grief. i balanced budgets he went through. and... when he was running the olympics and business. i -- i thought it's devastating for the president. you can see it on his face. >> you can see it. i think the american people could see contrast in the records and experience, governor romney inherited a debt and when he left there was a surplus. he reduced unemployment for the people of mats massachusetts. house hoild incomes went up $5,000. >> the first time the governor said we have fewer americans working.
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>> yes he said something interesting. if we had the same labor participation rates, the real unemployment is 10.7%. and there is for every new job created six people have left the work force. that is not how you should bring down the unemployment rate. it's what we've been seeing and the fact that part time jobs count as employment. people want full time jobs. >> the president did mention terror in the rose garden. >> when asked on september 20th i don't want to speak about anything, our intelligence knew that night it was a terrorist attack. september 25th this happened on september 11th he said we're still doing an investigation. you saw the president -- . >> so that same night... he
8:19 pm
mentioned a you tube video six times. he didn't call it an active terror attack. that is two weeks after the attacks. and said it was a result of a mob reacting to the you tube video. press secretary said we don't have the information to determine whether this was a terrorist attack. >> we're going to go through this and show you cuts. it's going to become clear that he was wrong. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> coming up we're going to go back to las vegas. and first live from the spin rom, governor john sinunu is next. will check in as this special edition of "hannity" continues
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from hoff tra university and the spin room. >> the president the day after that happened flies to las vegas for political fund-raiser. the next day to political event. i think these actions taken by a president and leader have significance. i'm a conservative investor.
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>> you said in the rose garden a day after the attack it was an act of terror. not a spontaneous demonstration. >> proceed, governor. >> want to make sure we get that for the record. it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity" we're coming to you live from hofstra university in long island. joining me now from the spin room is former new hampshire governor. let me fact check this tonight. because in the rose garden, he was talking about september 11th, 2001. he doesn't talk about benghazi being a act of terror. we've got the tape. >> no acts of terror will shake the resolve of the great nation. alter that character or he
8:25 pm
lips the light of the value wez stand for. today we mourn four more american who's represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see justice is done for this terrible act. make no mistake. justice will be done. >> the president asked directly nine days later he stated we're going to continue to investigate this. he went on the view. if you watch in each case he was asked by joy behar if this was an act of terrorism that. was on september 25th. watch this sequence as the president still refused to tell the american people the truth. >> we don't know yet. we're going to continue to investigate this. >> hillary clinton say waits an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we're still doing an investigation. >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world.
8:26 pm
>> and he said that six times. >> he got caught and candy crowley had no business doing an realtime, if you will trying to fact check. because she was dead wrong. and he was wrong on the statement about the permits for oil and wrong on statement about the perm writs for shale. wrong on coal. he was deliberate in the dishonesty on this issue of when he acknowledged waits terrorism. how can you go to the un two weeks later and still be claiming six times that it's a video? then, show up tonight and claim that you said it was an act of terrorism? >> isn't this an ongoing pattern? fort hood if we're to believe the president, they said waits work place violence. the president early in his administration could not say the words war on terrorism.
8:27 pm
they were disasters and overseas contingency operations. what is the problem with this? >> this president lives in his own world. he does not, in my opinion have a sense of how important some of the issues are. we lost an ambassador for the first time since 1979. and he's trying to say the only reason americans are concerned about it is because its a political season? that is ridiculous. the death of an ambassador is a critical item. a critical issue. policy that's caused that are really to be condemned. failure to provide security is act of negligence. just because hillary clinton say triing to save him today the buck stopped there, it didn't stop there. >> why did ambassador rice go on five shows and say this was not -- this was spontaneous and had to do with a movie.
8:28 pm
this had nothing to do with a movie trailer released in july. they're not telling us the truth about benghazi. >> no un ambassador goes on five sunday shows without koortd nating what they're going say with the white house, she was out there to try to really distract america from understanding this president has not, as he said days before that stop terrorism. it's rampant in north africa and he caught caught. >> another interesting thing tonight and i thought the governor almost like prosecuting attorney laying out the single greatest concise indictment of the economic failures. one in six americans in poverty. 25 million unand under employed. 17 million more on food stamps and this is devastating. the president doesn't have a plan for the next four years.
8:29 pm
>> let me go back to the benghazi thing. >> i've watched you with andrea mitchell. >> an interesting thing happened. lindsay gram sent a letter. and pointing out on june 6th a hole was blown in the restraining wall of the compound. that is a kinld of act that doesn't go unreported to the white house. the white house has to hear their embassy had a breech in security. i don't know this f.this is a separate report to the president or just in his president's daily brief. but i cannot imagine that that was not sent to the president. >> they were watching this from the state department in realtime. >> yes. yes. they knew that night. libyan president told us the next day. and the state department acknowledged they never considered this to be tied to the video.
8:30 pm
and always treated it as an act of terrorism. >> what is the fall out in days following this debate? >> and they can't -- they -- well... i mean... i'm anticipating november 6th. the campaign has to do a good job and can't let the rez and his campaign flurry that narrative. >> they're spinning like a top. word terrorism was in there. >> word terror was in there. >> good point. >> if i'm not talking to them, i've got to be careful with you. >> thank you. governor. coming up next we head back to las vegas where frank luntz and focus group are standing by. they dialed key moms of the debate. results, very interesting.
8:31 pm
one of the best lines was the governor saying we don't have to live like this. then later on the governor join me here in this special edition of "hannity" from hofstra university. >> i spent my life in the private sector. i know why jobs come and gochl they're going now because of the policies of the administration. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco
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oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> you know i don't look at my pension it's not as big as yours. >> let me give you advice. >> i don't check that it often. >> look at your pension, you have investments in chinese companies and outside of the united states. >> check mate, again. welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we're live where the second
8:36 pm
debate concluded just a short time ago. and cbs instant poll came out. the economy shows romney won tonight and for more analysis we head back to las vegas to check in with our own frank flunts and his group of undecided swing state voters. they're at one of my favorite places. the wynn, las vegas. you're being nice to everybody there. i'm proud of you. >> thank you f anyone wants to participate there are several more coming up. >> and you've heard that cbs has two to one. how many of you thought barack obama won this debate? raise your hand? how many of you thought mitt romney won? i want to show you the red line represents republicans and green light, democrats on the issue of taxes barack
8:37 pm
obama performed well. let's take a look. then i'm going to ask why romney had advantage on tax policy. >> i want to bring the rates down, simplify the tax code and get middle income taxpayers to have lower taxes. the reason is because middle income taxpayers have been buried. you've seen incomes go down per family if gas prices have gone up. health insurance up $2500. food prices up. utility prices up. middle income families have brn bn crunched so want to give relief to middle income families. >> what was it? there is a rare moment. why?
8:38 pm
>> i'm convinced people want job creators.. >> let's talk about tax policy. is this an economic issue. >> to have our country move forward we need to have our job creators.. >> middle income american isn't going to benefit one nickel if mitt romney pays half taxes or double taxes. issue is leaving funds in the hands of the job creators and obama is infantasy loaned by qloring taxes for everybody it allows that money to go back into the economy and stimulates growth. >> i want to compare this to what barack obama said on tax policy. because you didn't feel it's favorable to them. let's take a look at scores for the president on taxes. >> my philosophy has been simple. that is i want owe give middle
8:39 pm
class families and folks striving to get into the middle class, some relief because they have been hit hard over the haft decade. 15 and 20 years. so four years ago, i said it i.would cut taxes for middle class families and that is what i have done by $3600. i said i would cut taxes for small businesses and we've cut them 18 times. >> you know frank i want to ask and add to this. because this is the funld mental economy. the -- question. the governor said something that were devastating we don't have to live like this. $5 trillion in debt doesn't add up. $16 trillion national debt. obama said about george bush's $4 trillion was irresponsible that. is over eight years, he said we're on the road to grief, romney said. i've balanced budgets my whole
8:40 pm
life and said you've got your chance talking about middle class being crushed under obama. 17 million more americans on food stamps. 47 in total. and economy slower this year than last year and ther year before. i want to know what the focus group thinks. >> and how many of you were unemployed or had a immediate family member unemployed over four years, raise your hands? this is significant this is in terms of economic difference. which of those two? >> i think rom nee. because it's his position on helping small businesses and seeing his strong about creating jobs.. >> i agree. romney sounds intelligent and understand what's a businessman needs. >> jump in. >> he is a businessman.
8:41 pm
he proves he is one. >> obama talked about giving a tax cut to 95% of americans. i did not get one penny tax cut when romney talked about eliminating dividends and interest income tax that will benefit me, giving me more money to spend. >> yechl yes. they're talking about the economy for middle class and everything. i'm concerned about where the fed is pumping $40 million into the dmae can cause hyper inflation which going kill your savings account. >> this is one of the highest unemployment states in america. more ads have faired and these votes are central for the president. there is a race for senate. a race for the house, if any state mattered in terms of the debate it's this one. tell america... shout it out. who won this debate? >> mitt rop knee, sean.
8:42 pm
>> big night tonight for governor romney. and i believe in the days ahead with fact checking going to take place on benghazi, on drilling and federal lands this is probably big heer. there is a special fact checking edition tomorrow night. coming up tonight reaction from the left. we'll check in with juan will comes when we get back, weez governor is here. the post debate edition continues live from hofstra university. >> we're going bring that pipeline in from canada. the president said no, how? i will never know this, is about bringing good jobs back for the middle class of america. that is all i'm going to do. everyone has goals.
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(train horn) ♪ vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. i think you know last four years haven't been so good and
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that you don't feel like you're confident next four years goring to be much better, either f you're going to elect president obama you know what you're going to get. a repeat of the last four years, we can't afford four more years like the last. he said by now we'd have unemployment at 5.4%. the difference is 9 million americans without work. >> welcome back to hofstra university. joining me now is governor bobby jender. >> i thought this is a prosecutor point by point just you had four years made promises and said unemployment would be nine million jobs than we got. devastating. >> prosecutely. there is where you can combine speaking skills, it's not
8:48 pm
enough to defend this president's record. i think the governor did a great job. and he said he's going to cut health care premium asks didn't happen. fact after fact. he didn't spend a minute talking about new poll says for next four years, now it's about destroy, distract. >> let me ask you. this affects your state of louisiana early part of the debate they spent time on energy. and this energy production is up. but the president tried to say under any mi administration they're up m n.cases 50 pors. >> you look and they cancelled almost more leases than sales than conduct saelts. there is key stone pipeline. he said look at the pipelines
8:49 pm
we've built. someone needs to show how many save guards, don't send oil down here and this is. >> i president that every chance he has he's not embracing increase. >> i think this president is not used to being questioned. this president had a phony media. i don't think they've -- fawning media. he did not like it. i e.was angry. fighting for time. then, saying let's move to the next question. thank you for distorting the truth. >> that is exactly. we saw thin, skinny ads. and he never -- saying welcome back to libya. and the reality is offering three different explanations and days after they said it was about the video.
8:50 pm
president went to the hu. n and jake varny said waits not a premeditated terrorist attack. and they said the president went on the view and said he was asked was this terror? we're investigating it. and third explanation is there is no protest there. and if he owes an explanation of that, there is explanation of resources are requested and not provided. and this issuing a stern... >> my opinion is that we had testimony from the state department. they're watching in realtime. intelligence community knew within 24 hours, is he saying that he didn't know? >> and i didn't know what is worse, not knowing or lying.
8:51 pm
i suspect there is probably going to be revelation from some point down the line. >> there is president obama trying to catch up today, four years ago saying will he be ready? there governor, good to see you. >> we've been below average every month. we're at 1.two states in the south and are showing. >> we'll check in with a liberal side as we check in with juan williams we're live in the spin room for the post debate analysis, straight ahead. i'm a conservative investor.
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last four years you cut licenses and permits in half. >> not true. governor romney. we've produced more oil on. >> how much have you cut on licenses and permits. >> governor romney, here is what we did. there are were a bunch of oil companis.. >> i had a question how much did you cut them by? >> i'm happy to answer. >> they did cut leases as our
8:56 pm
own chris wallace fact checked tonight. welcome back to the spin room. tonight the president clashed with governor romney. joining me now is juan williams and kirsten powers. i used the praise the most-devastating indictment of the obama economy that we've seen. cbs snap poll tonight. >> well, you know it's interesting there is that ob yaum why has been doing well on the economy general but i think it's romney strength and tonight, if i was to give credit to mitt romney on one thing is that he drove home... >> i'm saying this is his moment. if this is the message the american people look away from this debate for mitt romney would be i know how to get jobs very exkbreerns doing it. and i know how to do it. that is his best. do i think that he carried the debate? no. i think obama won the debate. >> you thought obama won the first debate. >> i did.
8:57 pm
i can tell you this. i learn from it, sean. i learn i should watch... >> sean: listen to me. i was screaming in the room. >> yes. screaming in my ear. >> this time i paid attention to twitter and talking to everybody on the floor. >> sean: david axelrod? >> i can tell you republicans now are like, do you know what? this is fine. we knew obama was going to come back. >> sean: candy crowley just admitted that romney was right on libya. that is big. and that she made a mistake. we have the -- . >> i don't know why she would say that. >> sean: he was talking about september 11th 2001. if you look at the contempt and september 11th obama said we don't know what happened yesterday. -- yet. >> and no. no -- . >> sean: 14 days later his answer was was it terrorism? we're still investigating. >> i am with you on the libya
8:58 pm
issue. the white house handled it terribly. in the -- his remarks in the rose garden about benghazi he did refer to acts of terror this, is not -- it's true that. is truchl i don't disagree. the point is that he wasn't making an announcement about pardoning the turky for thanksgiving. making an announcement about benghazi. i think he missed an opportunity there. he got caught up in the back and forth ooths oos -- hang on a second. our state department was wching this in realtime them knew it wasn't spontaneous. that it was a terrorist attack. there are were two waves. >> sure. >> sean: why is the president denying it?. >> this is the point. romney did not make that argument effectively tonight.
8:59 pm
>> i thought he's clear as a bell. >> i'm a conservative. >> i thought obama managed to fend him off on this, i expected obama is going to be on the defensive. >> i don't think he did. i think next monday... monday night, again, it's fertile ground for romney. i think he's going to get the message he did not handle this well, tonight. >> and what about the economy? one in six americans in poverty. 17 million on food stamps. and obama had four years. he said cut deficit. said unemployment was 5%. >> tonight... >> yes. yes. >> and i would like to see you debate obama. here is the thing. i was watching


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